The RUDTEC 3D alarm computer sets new standards in safety;
laying special cable is not necessary anymore, which means you
save considerable costs.


The RUDTEC 3 D – alarm computer is based on the room
Each building within the system can be enclosed within an
air receiver, which maintains the frequency of room resonance.
In Idle-mode the frequency is low.

In case of an attack on the walls, doors or windows the swinging
of the air column changes, which is registered by the computer
and this is what activates the alarm.

The RUDTEC alarm computer makes buildings safe, even struc-
tures as large as 2,000 meters squared. Your windows, doors,
walls, ceilings and foundations can be protected, making your
home like a fortress.

The interesting thing is that human beings and animals can
move in alarm-activated rooms, because the system works
without motion detector, which often triggers false alarms.

It’s no problem for us if you want to sleep with half-open
windows; you will be safe inside the rooms of the secured
house. With conventional systems you would have to make
a large installation to provide this kind of protection.

See for yourself. Our staff members will gladly show you our
alarm systems.

We can do it!

If you read through these benefits, you will be convinced:

Our Advantage:

• No installation
• Wireless
• No manual labor costs
• Independent activation system
• Back-up in case of Blackout
• No electric smoke – no dangerous emissions Safe against false alarm
• Alarm with siren and by GSM commander to mobile phones
• Secures outer walls, doors, walls, roofs, foundations
• 5 year guarantee
• No visible infra-red detector in buildings or corridors
• Switching on and off per wireless remote control or timer