Which are the attributes of the ideal alarm system?

It must be a small apparatus which functions everywhere and immediately without installation, even in properties as large
as 2000 m2!

The system should also function well in houses, apartments,
offices, shops, company offices, warehouses, automobiles,
motor trucks, storage containers, camping vehicles, yachts
and ships!

The apparatus should be as good as invisible!

The apparatus must not emit radiation so that professionals
cannot locate its source.

The apparatus should not produce environmental pollutants
due to noise or emissions.

It must be free from electric smog!

It must function independently from the electrical network.
The system also detects and anticipates breakdowns due to thunderstorms and other threatening conditions.

Not only doors and windows should be made safe, but also
walls, ceilings and floors – this provides maximum security!

Any attempt by an intruder to break into a house should be
signaled so as to avoid a confrontation between the tres-
passer and tenant!

There need to be precautions to avoid false alarms!

The system must be fully automated and continuously working!

The apparatus should be less expensive than any other!

The RUDTEC alarm computer achieves all of these requirements!!!